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Carly and Richard’s Engagement/ Pre-Wedding Shoot

January 10, 2016

Today, I had a delightful time shooting Carly and Richard’s Pre-Wedding/ Engagement shoot! Their wedding is in March, and I’m shooting that too! I always suggest a pre-wedding shoot, so the couple can get used to being in front of the camera, and also to get used to working with me! We headed to Mote […]

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Ross & Rachel’s Wedding

November 1, 2015

This wedding was a big deal. Ross and Rachel are two of mine, and my fiancé’s best friends, and when they gave us the date for the wedding, I was so excited. Having been chosen as their wedding photographer, I got even more excited – and Rob (my fiancé) was chosen to be one of […]

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Ava Ellen Eiffe.

September 25, 2015

Ava Ellen Eiffe was born on 15th September at 18.29 weighing 7lb13. I couldn’t wait to go over and get some pictures of her, and she was an absolute delight with the camera. I cannot wait to get photo’s of her growing up over the next year!

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Roxana Studio – NSFW Post

September 1, 2015

After shooting with Roxana previously at Mote Park, we really wanted to work together again, but this time somewhere a little different. We booked a studio neither of us had used before, but it had amazing reviews, and the price was incredible – and we were not disappointed. The studio, Lane Home studios, is a […]

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Louise’s Baby Shower – For Ava

August 24, 2015

When Louise, one of my oldest and best friends, announced she was pregnant, I literally jumped for joy! I couldn’t believe it – she is the first out of my school besties to be having a baby! Rosie, Jade and Catherine arranged a gorgeous baby shower for her – with the theme of Bun in […]

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Liza & Rob Wedding

July 1, 2015

Liza and Rob’s wedding was beautiful. I was there to photograph the ceremony and it was gorgeous. Liza looked stunning in her dress, and the bridesmaids dresses and bouquets were beautiful. I loved the groom’s and grooms men’s cuff links – all different super hero lego’s! Here’s to you Liza and Rob!

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Bluebell Shoot With Aisling Dee and Mikaela Spiteri

May 8, 2015

We had such a gorgeous day at Wanstead Park! The weather was super sunny, even though to rest of the week was awful… it was perfect! I met Aisling, her son Logan and Mikaela at the station, then we jumped on the Central Line and headed to Wanstead Park. Aisling has shot here before with another photographer […]

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Bridal Boudoir

May 3, 2015

Before their Big Day, I suggested doing a sultry Bridal Boudoir shoot, to surprise the Groom with – and this was the result! I am so happy with these photo’s – the Bride-to-Be looks phenomenal, and so elegant – as well as something a little cheeky, and geeky! I have excluded some of the photo’s […]

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Leigh Maternity Shoot

March 20, 2015

I’ve known Leigh for a while and when she excitedly told me she was pregnant, I suggested a bump shoot to celebrate the pregnancy! We got a few props – including baby Lewis’ new shoes, his new toys and even some scrabble pieces to make this shoot extra cute. Leigh wanted her daughters in the […]

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Melissa, Cove Studio Shoot

March 15, 2015

I suggested to my friend Melissa that we should do a photo shoot, as I really wanted to shoot someone who was new to modelling – Melissa was up for it, and I’m so glad she decided to work with me! We headed to Cove Studios. I love working there, as there are so many […]

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Roxanne’s Shoot, Mote Park

March 11, 2015

Lots of photo’s in this post, so be prepared! I was so super happy with this shoot. Roxanne and I had been discussing and arranging for quite some time, and we were finally able to shoot. Roxanne is an absolutely lovely girl, and such a pleasure to work with. We were laughing and joking throughout […]

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Rusty Orange Shoot

March 5, 2015

Charlotte Louiise is back! Yay. I love working with Charlotte, and you can see why. She’s amazing to work with, and always up for trying new things! We organised this shoot, as she needed to shoot her partner’s new clothing line – Rusty Orange. So we went to our regular studio – Cove Studios – […]

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Aisling & Phoenix

January 25, 2015

The first shoot of 2015 – and my lord, was it a good one! Alice Blenkinsop, of Alice Blenkinsop Photography, put up a casting call for models, and an additional photographer for a studio day. I’ve admired Alice’s work for a LONG time, so jumped at the chance. We chatted for a while, and started […]

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Hollie & Emma at Capstone Farm County Park

November 20, 2014

Emma and Marcus have the two cutest kids – Hollie and Jake. Unfortunately Jake was at school when we decided to go for this shoot, but we wanted to go out and have some girl time, and have a walk around, so we took Hollie to Capstone Park. All the leaves had fallen from the […]

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King Family Shoot

October 1, 2014

Phil and Amy contacted me, as they wanted to get some photographs of their two gorgeous girls, that they were then going to give as presents for Christmas! The weather was actually gorgeous, and the sun was starting to come down, so I managed to get some gorgeous sun sparks in my images, which made […]

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Ingrid & Paul’s Wedding Day

September 20, 2014

The Wedding of Ingrid and Paul was a beautiful day! With a church wedding location, then onto a gorgeous Barn House it was a lovely day. All the family had come along for the event, and the day ran smoothly. All the family chipped in and helped cook the meal afterwards, which was all cooked […]

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Charlotte Louiise Forest Shoot

September 10, 2014

I absolutely love working with Charlotte! When she mentioned that she had got hold of some headpieces from an AMAZING company called Maskerade, we started working out a shoot straight away. We wanted the shoot to be a bit more different and daring, so we took it outside, and did incorporated some implied stuff too! […]

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Hen ‘Do Photobooth

August 24, 2014

This was such a fun shoot! My friend Eleanor contacted me, as one of her friend’s was due to be married. They were organising a Hen ‘do for her, and wanted something a bit different before they hit the town! She asked me whether I’d be able to provide a Photobooth style photo shoot – […]

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Cove Studio Shoot: Tina Massacre

August 13, 2014

Tina Massacre is an absolute dream to work with. She knows how to pose, and she works with the camera perfectly. Since our first shoot, at Mote Park, we’d discussed the idea of a boudoir shoot. When the option came up to shoot together on the Cove Studio Shoot Day, it was the perfect opportunity. […]

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Cove Studio Shoot: Sarah Quinn

August 12, 2014

On the group shoot day at Cove Studio’s, the lovely Sarah Quinn was also attending! I’ve worked with Sarah previously, and we always work well together. I was super excited, as we had the black backdrop. Sarah had already told me she had a surprise for our shoot – the gorgeous necklace she is wearing. […]

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Cove Studio Shoot: Charlotte Louiise

August 11, 2014

Charlotte and I work so well together, so when I found out she was coming to the Cove Studio Shoot as well, I was super excited! We were together in front of the plain white backdrop, so wanted to get some bright colours included in her outfit! We’d previously discussed shooting this super cute R2-D2 […]

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Charlotte Louiise Beach Shoot

July 23, 2014

Something a little different this time with Charlotte Louiise! For a while we’d been planning on doing a Cosplay shoot for a while, and Charlotte got everything ready, so we could shoot shoot shoot! The weather was GORGEOUS. We headed to the beach for this shoot, so it was a different location! It was actually […]

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The Wedding of Jacqui and Richard

July 13, 2014

I was so excited for this wedding, for so long! Jacqui is a very good friend of mine, and when she asked whether I would photograph her wedding day, I was truly honoured. We had lots of tea meeting’s on the lead up to her Big Day, and every time we spoke, the Wedding just […]

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Ross & Rachel Engagement Shoot at Mote Park

June 30, 2014

This shoot was extra special for me. Ross is my other half’s best buddy, and when Ross and Rachel (queue Friends joke…) announced their engagement we were all so excited! Their Big Day is in 2015 and I’m shooting that as well – I am so excited! This engagement shoot was going to be special […]

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Tina Massacre at Mote Park

June 17, 2014

I was so excited for this shoot! Tina had only done a shoot or two before this one, but you really cannot tell! We headed to Mote Park, as I know the location very well. The day was absolutely gorgeous – the sun was shining, and it was nice and warm! We used lots of […]

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Tim Slucock Headshots

June 10, 2014

Tim contacted me as he needed some new head shots for his acting portfolio. He wanted these to be in natural lighting, as he already had lots in a studio set-up! Gillingham Park (Yes, I do like that place!) was convenient for the both of us, so off we went! I usually work with female […]

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Keevil Family Shoot

June 8, 2014

I love this little family! I have known Steven for a number of years as he is a customer in my dad’s shop! When he contacted me about doing this shoot I was super excited! Candy and her two boys are absolutely adorable, and as a family their all perfect together – and so happy! […]

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Baby Mia

June 5, 2014

I was so excited to meet my cousin’s little baby, Mia, I just had to grab a few shots of her before we all carried on with our day. She’s such a cutie, and was so alert – even at this early age! Cannot wait to watch her grow up!

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Tovell Christening

May 23, 2014

I was so happy to be asked to photograph the lovely Tovell’s second family Christening! I had the delight of shooting their daughter’s Christening, and now it was their little boys turn! It was a gorgeous day, and a gorgeous location… and a beautiful ceremony! So happy to have been there to capture it!

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Family Shoot, Lana & Dean

May 22, 2014

Lana was the winner of my Facebook competition to win a FREE hour shoot (don’t forget to check out my page, so you can be involved next time!) We both live quite local to each other, so we decided to shoot at Gillingham Park! I’d shot there once before on a model shoot, and even […]

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Shoot with Raven Skye

August 14, 2013

Welcome back to the blog! Today, I am going to be talking about my first shoot with Raven Skye (Kim). I found Raven Skye through Model Mayhem. This website is listed as being the #1 portfolio website for professional models and photographers – but it is so much more than that. It is also for […]

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Shoot with Sarah Quinn – UK Alternative Model

July 3, 2013

Hello lovely, Welcome back to my blog! I’m going to be talking about my recent shoot with the gorgeous Sarah Quinn- Alternative model. Sarah and I had organised two shoots prior to this one, but had unfortunately had to postpone on both occasions. So, I was even more eager for this shoot, as I have […]

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Abandoned Mansion with Sister of Sinister

May 29, 2013

Hello again lovelies! Today, I’d like to talk about one of my most recent, and one of my most adventurous shoots to date! It all started when I was helping my friend Ellie with one of her own photography projects at University. Her whole project was based around Alice in Wonderland, but it had all […]

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Welcome to Ashley Charlotte Photography’s Blog!

May 27, 2013

Welcome to my blog! I have decided to create this space as a place for me to keep you updated with everything that happens in the world of Ashley Charlotte Photography! I’ll be using it as a hub for inspiration, showing you how I undertake my shoots, different photography related tutorials, and also showing you […]

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