Roxana Studio – NSFW Post

September 1, 2015 / by acphotography

After shooting with Roxana previously at Mote Park, we really wanted to work together again, but this time somewhere a little different.

We booked a studio neither of us had used before, but it had amazing reviews, and the price was incredible – and we were not disappointed.

The studio, Lane Home studios, is a home set-up – and it is spectacular. There is lots of space and different set-ups to use/ change and we got everything we could have asked for from this studio.

Roxana was amazing. She really worked the space she had, and was amazing in front of the camera. We tried different outfits, and different locations in the studio, and she rocked every single one.

BE WARNED – NSFW IMAGES ON THIS POST – we did some topless shots in this shoot.


Model: Roxana

Studio: Lane Home Studios


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