Photo by Aisling Dee Photography  http://aislingdee.com/

Photo by Aisling Dee Photography

My name is Ashley Charlotte, and I’m a 23 year old portrait photographer, based in Kent, UK.

I have loved photography from a very young age – I found the idea of capturing images magical. When my dad started getting back into photography as a past time a few years back, it re-kindled my love. I decided I wanted to take it one step further, and make it into my profession.

Portraiture is something that fascinates me. You’re attempting to capture a whole person in one image – sometimes this is easy to do, but other times you really need to work with your model, make them relax and feel at ease, before the real person shines through. This is when I love to capture my images – when the real person is exposed, and people are at their most beautiful.

I am still currently developing my portfolio, but it is progressing very quickly, with more and more bookings coming through each day – I love being asked to work with people, and I’m always just an email away!

So, please – feel free to contact me regarding any ideas you have for shoots/ wish to enquire about any bookings. Just use the Contact Me page, and you’ll be put straight through to me!

Also, why not visit my Facebook and Twitter, for a few more ways to stay in contact!

Thankyou for visiting my site

Ashley Charlotte ♥